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Shop Tour and Smog Check Q & A
R&R Auto Service
(510) 526-1325 prides itself on maintaining a clean working environment for our technicians and our customers. Come along with us as we give you a virtual tour of our shop area.
R&R Auto Service is an official smog center. Your car will be checked while you wait-no appointment necessary.

Q & A

Q: Do I need a smog test?A: Not all vehicles need a smog check. Some vehicles need a smog check when they are being sold or registered in California after previously being registered in another state. Also, the type of vehicle, the model year, and the area in which the vehicle is registered determines a smog check.

Q: What kind of test do I need? A: The smog check program divides the state into three different types of areas depending on the severity of the smog problem in that area. These areas -- enhanced, basic, and change-of-ownership areas -- may require different smog check inspection equipment, and different licenses. The area in which a vehicle is registered will determine which type of test a vehicle needs.

Q: How can I prepare for a smog check? A:

* Check your tire pressure and alignment

* Change your oil and filter

* Keep it tuned up

* Check your emission control devices

* Service your engine promptly when warning lights appear

* Refer to the owner's manual and use the oil and fuel recommended by the manufacturer

* Change your fuel filter

* Change your air filter

* Inspect hoses, wiring, and belts

* Check crankcase breather elements

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Car Care Tip of the day

Passing a drunk or erratic driver is dangerous. Instead, stay behind at a safe distance where can keep an eye on them. Note the vehicle make and license number. Then, when it is safe to do so, pull off the road and phone the police.

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